Technology in the Classroom - Taming the beast

In Kooperation mit dem Pearson-Verlag

In today’s digital age, technology provides teachers with many different components which blend learning approaches and environments. If used effectively and appropriately, digital tools can complement classroom teaching and enhance students’ performance.

This hands-on workshop will demonstrate how blended learning can be used effectively in the classroom by teachers and students. See how it can be used to enhance the teaching process and the learning journey. 

Pearson’s general English course Roadmap level B1 will be used throughout. All participants will receive instructor access to the online platform and a copy of the course book.

Referentin: Wendy Nash-Steer, Pearson-Verlag


Anmeldeschluss: 08. November 2019

Dozent/in: Wendy Nash-Steer

Kursnummer: FB-S-191511

Preis: kostenlos

Ort: vhs-Landesverband, Saarbrücken